Dentrix Error After Update/Install

It has been noted that some versions of Dentrix is incompatible with Microsoft’s .NET 4.6 and Windows 10. Users who update their Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1 to .NET 4.6 may find that some or all parts of Dentrix may not function correctly after the update.

Caseworx and TODDS install .NET 4.6 by default if not found, but can also run under .NET version 4.5.2. If problems are noted after the .NET Framework update, contact Dentrix Support for update procedures required to patch their older software to the current version. This is NOT an error with your Windows install, computer’s hardware, and/or JKL Software’s products.

Dentrix information for .NET 4.6 and Windows 10 can be found here:

As of the publish date of this support article, the Dentrix patch can be found on their website at . The patch can be downloaded from the link by clicking on the “Attachments” link on the page.