user_groupManage club or organization members with ease. Track member donations, favorites, and other critical information. Schedule classes, events, and seminars – then track registrations and attendance directly from the program.

Group activities are usually managed by multiple members. Keep the chain of communication accurate and reduce mistakes by using Clubworx to handle membership information directly. Multiple member permission allow for some members to be able to use functions, but not change critical information. Schedule classes, then allow any member to check-in attendees as they arrive.


  • Stores member information, including phone numbers, birthdate, occupation, and interests
  • Track member donations
  • Create master events/classes calendar
  • Schedule events directly from the class catalog
  • Enrolls members into scheduled classes – tracks fees owed and paid
  • Check-in attendees upon arrival
  • Exports membership lists to Microsoft Excel for labeling and other uses
  • Two permission levels for creators and workers (administrators and users)
  • Backup and restore functions to safeguard data directly to USB or networked drives


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