Simplify and improve your TMD/TMJ, sleep apnea, ortho practice with TODDS. Comprehensive data, fully automated reports and correspondence, all data stored and archived. Establish medical necessity and get paid...

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JKL Software offers solutions for many industries, but specializing in products for TMD/TMJ, sleep apnea, and ortho practices.

The Total Office Data Diagnostic Solution is the solution for the practitioner working in TMD/TMJ, sleep apnea, and ortho. No matter what percentage of your practice encompasses these specialties, TODDS will help you save time, increase productivity, and get happier patients.
Trace your cephs with less work and more speed! Cephworx guides you through the tracing process without all the extra stuff you don't need or want. Cost effective with free lifetime standard support, Cephworx is the modern way to trace cephalometrics!
Members of the IAO working towards their professional advancement can take advantage of JKL's Caseworx case presentation system to build cases quickly, efficiently, and with better accuracy. Electronic case submission for worldwide access to impartial case scoring.