Cephworx – Cephalometric Tracings Made Easier with Less Work!

JKL Cephworx


Cephworx is a modern ceph tracing system that reduces effort needed to complete tracings. Optimized for usage with the IAO Professional Advancement Program, Cephworx guides the user through completing a tracing from start to finish.
Scripted tracing

Multiple tracing methods accomodate users from beginners to advanced practitioners. Full scripted tracing method support customizable scripts and includes analysis for IBO, ABO, Steiner, Sassouni, and Jefferson.


Freehand tracing tools

Freehand tracing mode provides the user with individual measurement tools to make quick measurements fast and easy without the need to complete a full “scripted” trace.


IBO overlay with Tweed analysis

Overlay mode allows viewing of multiple analysis simultaneously on the same image.
Superimposition provides correlation of multiple sessions into one image.
 Multiple color choices and user customizable colors provide optimal viewing and improves user experience.



Full non-destructive image editor allows for perfecting imaging and photographs with full history and recoverability, even for changes in crop or rotation.



Photo imaging grid allows production of standardized photo grids in 3-image vertical “skyscraper”, 8-image grid with center patient information, or 9-image full grid layouts.