Antivirus False Warnings

Some users have reported issues with Caseworx or TODDS not starting with a warning from their antivirus software, usually complaining of something to do with reputation.

Poorly written antivirus software, such as AVG and AVAST, have an expectation of “good” software to include the definition of being installed by thousands of users. Specialty software, such as Caseworx or TODDS, would obviously not be installed by the average consumer in the thousands. It is obvious that these antivirus programs may be fine for consumer home applications, but is not designed for professional business environments.

Until such AV systems become more advanced and intelligent, users can add an exception to their antivirus “whitelist” or “exception” configuration for the C:\Program Files\JKL Software\TODDS or C:\Program Files\JKL Software\Caseworx-IAO folder to ensure uninterrupted operation of their software. However, whitelisting can also expose the folder to possible infection as the AV cannot monitor the folder and it’s files for changes.

It is therefore our recommendation that a proper antivirus solution which does not exhibit issues like the above named software be used to protect your computers.

Software such as Symantec’s EndPoint Security with it’s well written Insight engine does not exhibit this issue and allows the software to operate successfully without any problems.